10 Apps Every Girl Boss Needs

10 Apps Every Girl Boss Needs
Ladies, we live in a world of modern technology. Where we no longer need maps, books or even accountants to get by. Because now, we carry all of that right in our handbags. Well, actually, our phones. Whether you're an iPhone or an Andriod kinda gal, there are several apps every woman needs to live her best life. And guess what? They are totally free to download. 

1. Companion 

Companion is an app designed around safety and is perfect for ladies living in the city, on campus, or anywhere you want to feel safer. The app allows you to enter details about your trips such as destination and total time. It then sends a live map of your location and journey to close friends and family who you decide to share it with. If anything happens, you can quickly and easily contact your "companions" or the local authorities. As the app description says, "empowerment has never been so easy."

Learn more on the Companion website

2. OPI

The OPI Nail Studio app is going to change your life forever. You'll never be stuck at the salon contemplating what color to paint your nails ever again! The app uses a photo of your hand to allow you to "try on" all the different colors in the OPI collections until you find your favorite. You can also create nail polish wish lists, see what's trending with other users, locate nearby nail salons and stores that sell your polish, and even track your entire collection of favorite colors- labeling them by need and have. You'll even have a "MyStylist" to help you select the perfect shade for every occasion!

3. Mint

We're sure you've already heard about the Mint app, as it's created quite a bit of buzz since it was developed. Inside the app, you can manage and monitor any and all of your bank accounts making tracking your spending and saving a breeze! The interactive app also allows you to create budgets, pay bills, receive free credit score reports, and manage your investments. If you turn on notifications, the app will also send you an update every time something changes or you have a bill coming up.

Learn more on the Mint website.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark is one of our longstanding favorite fashion apps. The buy and sell app is not only for shopping, although that is what many use it for. It is also a place to find a new home for your gently used fashion favorites, making more room in your closet, and getting paid to do it! Poshmark, which is also accessible online, only takes a small portion of your earnings, leaving you with more money in your handbag and the sense of satisfaction that your goodies will be loved by another fashionista. This app is perfect for our readers who are fly on a budget!

5. Venmo

Maybe it's the new year getting us in a "take control" mood, but we are totally obsessed with personal banking apps! Venmo is an app used to quickly transfer money amongst friends, families, and others. Business Insider says "'Just Venmo me' has become synonymous with 'pay me back' or 'I got it." It also allows you to send silly or descriptive personal messages for each payment, so you never lose track of those pesky IOU's ever again! This app is for those of you tired of splitting checks or just too busy to take out cash for monthly shared bills!

Learn more on the Venmo website.

6. HealthTap

The HealthTap app is absolutely necessary to stay healthy and educated! The app features a search function with answers from thousands of doctors. What's even better, you can also pay for a virtual doctor visit with one of their many primary care doctors during their 24/7 office hours. With this app, you'll never have to question if you need to go to the doctor or not ever again. Peace of mind is priceless. HealthTap should be on every woman's phone!

Learn more on the HealthTap website.

7. Pepperplate

The Pepperplate app is like a cookbook for your phone, except instead of only 20 or so recipes, you have access to thousands. There are recipes for 12-person dinners, deserts, vegans and everything in between. Not only that, but the app also helps you build and organize shopping lists for all of your recipes, set cooking timers, share your favorites with friends and family, import your own recipes, meal plan, all with no internet connection required! Pepperplate is perfect for our foodies out there!

Learn more on the Pepperplate website.

 8. Grab

The Grab app was created to make traveling a little easier. Don't you hate when you need to catch your next flight, and have to choose between an unhealthy snack or going hungry? Well with Grab, that will never happen again! The app allows you to see all the available food options in any airport on a convenient map. It also offers prepayment (no more purse digging!) and saving your favorite spots for next time. This app is for all the ladies who travel for work (or fun) and are tired of settling for unhealthy airport snacks!

9. Happy Cow

Vegans unite! The Happy Cow app is what any vegetarian, vegan or simply picky eater has been waiting for! The app provides a map of all the vegan or vegetarian-friendly restaurants in your area, all at the touch of a button. Other users rate these restaurants, helping you to pick the perfect take-out for you! The app also allows photos to be added by users for even more foodie goodness. This app is for those of you who love take out, but never seem to find what you're looking for!

10. Workout Anywhere

Does anyone else have a hard time making time to exercise? Trust us, we know the struggle. Until now. The Workout Anywhere app is made for people who can't commit to a trip to the gym, but still want to work out! It provides hundreds of quick and full-length workouts, tips, and healthy recipes, that were meant for anywhere you are! This one's for our working women and super moms!

Every single one of these apps is designed specifically to make your life easier, so take advantage of it! All of us at Rou Boutique want you to make more time to do the things you want to do and less of what you don't.  With these ten free apps, there's no better time to form new habits and make the right changes that lead to you living a life you want. Because Rou girl, this life is yours for the taking. You got this.

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