Fashion trends you WANT in your closet


Spring is the one of the most exciting times in fashion because of the exciting colors and the renewed-feeling of coming out of winter. Everything feels bright and bold and this year’s spring trends are definitely a showcase of that romanticism. Here are the best trends to put in your closet to update your style and have fun while doing it!

  1. Fanny packs – one of the most frustrating parts about women’s fashion and clothing is the lack of pockets. Well luckily you can also go hands-free as fanny packs are back. Some of the designers updated the look with a cross-body option, like Balenciaga and Alexander Wang.




  1. 90's sunglasses are back – The bold colors and sharp edges of the sunglasses of the 90s are another trend returning from our favorite decade. They have a sporty-edge and bring unexpected colors.


  1. Suit up! - Monochromatic suits aren’t just for boring offices or politicians. Pick one in a bold color and be right on trend or choose head-to-toe white.


  1. Pastels – what says spring better than a beautiful splash of pastel? Go head-to-toe in pastel to be current.



  1. Sequins – They are a fun staple for evening, but pair sequins with a sweatshirt to wear them during the day as well to keep the fun going all season!


  1. Checks – Contrary to pastels, the boldness of checks is big for this spring and into summer. Ranging from voluminous coats to floaty and feminine, this style offers something for everyone’s taste.



  1. Ruffles – Fun and feminine, ruffles showed up at all the major shows this season. Ruffles are a timeless trend that can be grown-up without being childish.

Whether you are bold and choose all of these options or test them out with some accessories and accents to add to your wardrobe, the most important part is to have fun with it!


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