6 Tricks to Keep Your New Years Resolutions in Check!

We all know the easiest part about new year's resolutions is selecting them. We seem to have no trouble at all pinpointing the specific parts of our lives that we want to change. However, the more difficult part is actually keeping the resolution all year long.

While it's very important to always be evolving and considering the different ways you can be an even better version of yourself, we think it's equally important to stick to your goals. Plus, the feeling of satisfaction you get after reaching a milestone is worth every minute of effort you put in.

So, we collected the six fail-safe tricks to keeping your new year's resolutions and put them in one place. Read on Rou girl...


1. Set smaller goals throughout the year

Forbes says setting smaller, more attainable goals that lead you to your ultimate resolution is one of the best ways to guarantee it sticks throughout the year. Using this method, you are better able to track your progress, plus, having a mini-celebration every time you make it closer to your resolution is a great way to stay motivated. 

2. Use post-it notes to your advantage

We firmly believe without Post-it notes, we would be a total mess. They do two things for you, writing your tasks and goals down helps your mind to actualize it. Then, they act as reminders throughout your day to stick to it! Just stick them to any surface you look at regularly, maybe your desk at work, your laptop, your fridge, or your car!

* Pinterest is also a great alternative or addition to post-its. Create boards that inspire you to keep your goals, such as low-calorie recipes if you are dieting or quotes if you are working on interpersonal development. We like to use them to pin new exercises and healthy recipes!

3. Create a morning ritual that works for you

Who else is not a morning person? We know we aren't. And that's okay. Creating a morning ritual that works for your schedule and lifestyle will not only help you wake up in the mornings but is also proven to make you more productive throughout the rest of your day. Win, win. Writing down your affirmations, a quick meditation, or an early morning workout are great routines to make a part of your every day. 

You may be thinking, "I don't have time for a morning ritual, I can barely get out the door in time to catch my train!" Think again. It doesn't have to be long, just meaningful. Even if it's simply taking one minute to breathe deeply and tell yourself you can do this. 

4. When in doubt- let your phone remind you

Wow, can we just say- technology is a life saver. Where would we be without it? We know it can be hard to constantly remember your goals and resolutions, especially if you've created a long list of them for yourself to follow. Sending yourself small reminders throughout the day to "drink more water" or tell yourself "you're doing great" or that "you've got this" is a great way to keep yourself on point! 

Luckily for us, that handy device we keep somewhere in our purse at all times has the solution, and it's super easy. Set alarms or reminders that go off at just the right moment to keep your mind free from worry. It only takes a minute to set them and trust us, you'll be thanking yourself later. 

5. Work your app off!

No, that wasn't a typo. Downloading the right apps for your specific resolutions is a great way to keep track of your progress! Sometimes visualizing it or seeing it all in one place helps you to realize how much work you are putting in, and better yet, motivates you to keep going.

For the ladies out there with fitness resolutions, we recommend My Fitness Pal, which is an easy to use calorie counter, and Sweat, which tracks your progress and workout plans. For those with de-stress resolutions, we recommend Headspace, an app that teaches you how to meditate every day! We also like Asana for managing your goals and Sleep Cycle for regulating your sleep patterns!

6.  Don't forget to reward yourself

It's important not to focus on the times when you mess up. You should instead focus on carrying on and not letting those slip-ups get you down or deter you from fulfilling your goal. Make sure to reward yourself when you reach milestones that you set for yourself. (We think a new statement piece from Rou Boutique's Capsule Collection would make a great reward ;) )

Rewards don't always have to be related to your resolution. We find that treating yourself to some new makeup from Sephora (or our latest obsession, Fenty Beauty) or a well-deserved massage is also a great way to take care of yourself.

Let's all promise to make 2018 the year of reaching our goals, becoming the women we were meant to be, and learning to be treat ourselves with kindness- because we are all just hardworking women hustling for our dreams.