Revamp Your Look in Between Seasons (Without Overspending!)

Ladies, it's happened. We have entered that weird part of the fashion year where we're kind in one season, while not quite out of the other. The dull winter months can take a serious toll on your style, and leave you feeling uninspired with your current wardrobe. That is, until now.

Freshening up your look in between seasons doesn't have to cost you a fortune. In fact, making one, or a few, minor changes can totally revamp your style (and outlook) in no time at all! Read on for details on how to do just that. You're welcome, Rou girl.

New accessory, new you.

Image credit: @marwaatik
Inspiration can come in small packages, and sometimes adding a new accessory can totally change your style game. Throwing a new pair of sunnies, a statement necklace, or a chic pair of booties into the mix can make many of your current outfits look brand new. Les Specs Cat Eye Sunglasses are totally on-trend, and make any outfit have a glamorous, vintage feel! Nothing makes you feel more put together and glamorous than a new pair of earrings or a bold-faced watch, tying together the rest of your ensemble. 
We recommend keeping the accessories minimal, with one statement piece and a few low-key additions. You want the focus to be on the one statement piece, so make sure you always plan your matching accessories accordingly. Too much can seem overbearing, and too little can look bare, so we find this rule to be the happy medium!

Headwear Everywhere

Image credit: The Zoe Report
Headwear does not get enough credit. It saves us from our very worst hair days, hides those unexpected blemishes and prevents sun damage on your head and face! And lucky for us, ladies, it is always on trend- because there are so many different pieces to choose from.
Our personal favorite headwear trend right now is baker boy caps. Maybe its this picture of Kendall Jenner giving us major style inspo, but even the Instagram street style images have been serving looks. The best part is, they give a very vogue look to even the most simple outfit, like a white tee and jeans. It doesn't get better than that!

(From one fashionista to another, ASOS has the best baker boy caps at a great price!)


Build your own Capsule Wardrobe.

Image credit: vtwonen
Gone are the days when we needed at least one thousand different pieces in our closet to have enough outfits to go around. Whoever invented capsuling, we thank you! A capsule wardrobe consists of several specific pieces, all within one color palette, that can be mixed and matched to create countless looks. Plus, it's a major space saver for those of us that aren't blessed with a Carrie Bradshaw closet!
We think WhoWhatWear has creating a capsule wardrobe down pat. Read how to they recommend capsuling your closet here.
Not ready for the plunge? Sometimes just by detoxing your closet of all the old pieces that are taking up space, you will see things differently. Plus, sometimes you get lucky and find a favorite piece you had forgotten about!

Check a Checked Blazer Off Your List.

Image credit: Sartorial Panda
Harper's Bazaar says checked blazers are in and here to stay. This on-trend style staple is perfect for work or a night out. Sometimes, all it takes is one new piece that you love to revamp your look- and blazers are so versatile! The classic checked blazer is both bold enough to wear as a statement and casual enough to pair with a print!
Treating yourself to one new piece may leave you feeling inspired by all the different looks it can make. We recommend purchasing one with a neutral colorway, so you can wear it with everything in your closet. The outfits are endless!

See? It can be simple to revamp your look and doesn't have to cost a fortune. These small, fun changes can help you to see your look in a whole new light, and help you get over the hump until the new season comes around.
And then you know what time it is ladies, spring cleaning! When we get to clear out our closets and start fresh with a new wardrobe! Will you be capsuling this year?
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