The Story of Rou

Rou Boutique began as a big daydream in a small Washington, DC office. Growing up in Jordan, Farah Masoud, Rou’s founder & CEO, always had an eye for fashion and key details, constantly inventing new ways to glam up different outfits. As she got older and her love for fashion grew, she began working with tailors to bring the closet she envisioned for herself to life. This passion continued into her adult life, so much so that on her wedding day, Farah walked down the aisle in a wedding dress she had designed herself.

Through trials, tribulations and many overseas sourcing trips, Rou’s official launch is now within grasp, just a few weeks away. In the midst of all our launch preparation for Rou’s beloved customers, now is the perfect time to share with you the story of Rou.


See above, behind the scenes while shooting the capsule collection.

The Moment She Knew

After graduating college, Farah moved to the U.S. to pursue her MBA and eventually became a Project Manager. As she began her first job after her Master’s Program at a high tech software company, fashion continued to be a big part of her life. At her work desk, Farah would hang clippings of clothing and accessories that inspired her. It didn’t take long for colleagues to start noticing this growing wall of style inspiration. In an “aha moment,” looking at the wall that continued to gain attention, she realized her true passion was self-expression through fashion. In that moment, Rou was born.

Farah traveled to New York where she designed the stylish, beautiful clothing envisioned for women who feel empowered by modesty. With these women and the inspiration in mind, she decided to take a leap of faith and began the journey of Rou Boutique.


Bringing Rou to Life

The beginnings of Farah’s style inspiration wall at work.After finalizing a spectacular first collection in New York, Farah then traveled around the world, searching for the perfect company to breathe life into the clothing she worked so hard to create.

Finally, on a whim while on vacation in Turkey, Rou’s first line was officially born. Inspired by the people and styles of the Middle East, you will find elements in Rou’s first capsule collection reminiscent of old-time culture, with a new-age, trendy feel. All of the collection’s pieces are complemented by only the most fabulous vintage embroidery.

(See image above of Farah's growing style inspiration wall at work.)

Rou will also be releasing a second line, Not-So-Basic, with the capsule collection, which will feature all neutral tones and conservative cuts, designed and crafted specifically for the stylish, working girl.

See above, the team on set in Istanbul, Turkey shooting Rou’s first collection.











Our promise to you is to use Rou Boutique to empower women and help them embrace their individuality.


To our future daring Rou girls, we cannot wait to open your eyes to our new world of glamour, elegance, and strength.